1999 Pokémon set will be auctioned for € 616,000

1999 Pokémon set will be auctioned for € 616,000

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Pokémon cards

The year 2021 got off to an incredible start in terms of Pokémon cards at auctions, with a new lot with a complete first edition of 103 cards from 1999 coming up for sale at Goldin Auctions. It is expected that this set could sell for up to $ 750,000.

A total of 30 billion cards have been traded since Pokémon TCG was launched, which is why it remains the best-selling card game in the world.

PPE rating

The high price for the set is due to the good condition of all cards, but is mainly increased by a single collector’s item. The auction includes, among other things, one of the coveted Charizard cards, which in perfect condition are among the most expensive cards in the world. Recently, a single Charizard sold in perfect condition for nearly $ 400,000. The opening bid for that one card was $ 50,000.

After a review by the PSA, each card received a Gem Mint 10 rating, although the auction house says the cards have rounded corners. A PSA 10 is the highest rating a card can achieve. The higher the rating, the more valuable the card is. Cards that receive this rating are in perfect condition, as if they had just come out of the printer – almost 22 years after they were actually printed-

Contents of the set:

So it’s not surprising that collectors spend insane amounts of money on vintage box sets and packs. Nostalgia is also a factor for the collectors, but the growth potential for the value of the cards is likely to play a much larger role. Because if the set is already worth several hundred thousand euros, you could maybe get a few million for them in another 20 years.

So what exactly are the highlight cards in this set? According to the listing, the following cards are included:

    1. Simsala
    2. Glurak
    3. Piepi
    4. Garados
    5. Nockchan
    6. Machomei
    7. Magneton
    8. His death
    9. Nidoking
    10. Vulnona
    11. Quappo
    12. Raichu
    13. Bisaflor
    14. Zapdos
    15. Reverse development spray

Here you can see the set

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